Monday, April 28, 2014

Flower Vase from Waste Bottle


I have made this cute little flower vase. Check out and try your own.


Materials required:-
1- Any waste bottle. I have used the old syrup glass bottle.
2- Yarn
3- Satin tapes.
4- Glue.

Clean the bottle , and start rolling the yarn from the top to bottom of the bottle with the help of glue.
Make sure you don't leave any gaps in between. It should be completely covered.
Once you have completed this step. Now with the help of satin tape ,make some roses and glue it on top of the rolled yarn bottle.
You can also decorate it with beads and sequins of your choice,based on your creativity.
Finally you have cute flower vase ready.

Hope you liked it?
Please do tell me.

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